About us 

The company is a family heritage, funded in 1989, evolving ever since in making quality products. 

Primarily specialising in serving ready-made clothing factories with machine and hand-made embroideries -from planning to preparation- for domestic and foreign companies alike. 

It comes at a great advantage to our company that both the leaders of the company and employees have several decades of experience in the clothing industry, adopting easily for the highest quality standards.

This insures flexible and customer-oriented production and product preparation, which includes, but is not limited to: light clothing and outwear, tablecloths, household items, upholstery, hats, patches, etc.

We have several years of experience in realising altar cloths and other ecclesiastical motifs.

Our company works with the latest technology when giving rise to our customers ideas on the shortest deadline possible.

An embroidery program can be made from every kind of motif or sketch.

Contact us with your questions and requests! We are at your service, be our guest to take a look at our reference work.